Wire Globe HeadsWhen Emotional Freedom Techniques exploded onto the scene in the late 1990’s no one could have predicted the trajectory it would take.  In just 20 years, EFT has grown to be a well-respected, viable healing tool that is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world!  This rapid growth was due to the incredible efficacy of the protocol and the open-hand policy of EFT Founder Gary Craig, who generously made the technique available for everyone to learn.


But the successful and rapid growth of EFT, as in all things, is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, there are many people now effectively using and sharing EFT.  You can learn a lot about EFT, also known as tapping, just by watching a few online videos or listening to recorded interviews through online summits.  This has been wonderful in terms of helping people all over the world, but a challenge in distinguishing well-trained healthcare professionals adhering to standards of training & credentialing from those who do not.  Because the field is wholly unregulated, it is very difficult for people seeking qualified practitioners to know the difference between a novice and a well-trained professional.


It is for this reason that the Association of Emotional Freedom Technique Professionals (AEFTP) was established in 2016 by Deborah Lindsey, founder of the Online EFT Certification program and President of the International Metaphysical University.  Because of the growing recognition and popularity of Emotional Freedom Techniques, more people are looking to incorporate this powerful healing tool into their existing professional practices or to become independent EFT practitioners themselves.  To attain success and to be recognized for such an achievement, adequate training and standardized credentialing is necessary.


AEFTP makes it easy for you!  By directing you to accessible, affordable, and quality online EFT certification training courses meeting AEFTP standards, you can quickly be on your way to becoming a competent EFT practitioner.  Once your desired level of training is complete, AEFTP proudly offers membership opportunities so that the world will recognize your distinction as a highly qualified EFT practitioner.


One thing is for sure, EFT is a serious healing tool that is used to help people with very real ailments.  And in situations like this, quality training is everything!  Whether you're suffering from PTSD, sexual abuse, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions, and even autoimmune disorders, you want a well-trained professional in your corner.  AEFTP strives to distinguish these practitioners, aiding those seeking to hire a true professional.


As the world changes, with its people moving towards more holistic & natural remedies to solve their problems, so does the way in which access to EFT training and credentialing must follow and adapt.  AEFTP is riding that wave ahead of the curve, providing you with the means of achieving your goals in the healing arts while diligently maintaining high standards of proficiency and excellence.


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Tash Dutra, Executive Director 

The AEFTP organization is managed by our Executive Director, Tash Dutra.  Tash studied in 2012 at Ashram Yoga New Zealand to become a 500-hour certified Yoga Instructor and recently completed her training as an EFT Practitioner.  She lives with her family at Pauanui Beach, New Zealand where she enjoys her life as a full-time super mum and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Applied Science with a double major in Psychology and Communication.

Tash is a passionate advocate for EFT and its unlimited potential to heal and transform the lives of many. Her mission is to share EFT with the world. She does this through her passion and drive to empower EFT practitioners in sharing this gift. 

AEFTP is your solution to building a successful EFT business!

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√  Attain instant credibility through your affiliation with a Professional EFT Association known for its distinguished standards of excellence

√  Attract more of the perfect clients through our advanced Practitioner Directory and exclusive marketing opportunities

√  Connect with other experienced EFT Practitioners for business building tips

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