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AEFTP Membership Application

Before applying, please review the Membership Requirements to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for AEFTP membership.  The non-refundable AEFTP application fee is $99 and requires the following steps to becoming an Active Member:

  • Submit proof of completion of EFT Practitioner Training Levels 1 and 2 from a professionally recognized or accredited training program.
  • Receive a passing score of 80% or higher on our online EFT proficiency exam (2 attempts per application).
  • Submit evidence of having successfully completed a minimum of 12 live EFT sessions with at least 6 different people within the past 12 months.
  • A Skype-based, real-time, 30 minute interview with the AEFTP Executive Director or an AEFTP Board Member demonstrating your proficiency of EFT (2 attempts per application).
  • Electronic signature of the AEFTP Code of Ethics.

Your application fee includes one full year of AEFTP membership.  Your membership will then automatically renew at just $64.99 annually.  This annual membership fee awards you the right to remain on the AEFTP Practitioner Directory, along with all of the exclusive benefits listed below!


When you attain your AEFTP membership, not only will you earn the distinction of using the AEFTP seal & credentialing letters for increased recognition, you will also be granted exclusive marketing opportunities such as being listed on our advanced Practitioner Directory, visible ad placement & publically displayed video business cards on our website to promote your business, and affiliate marketing.

  • Ongoing education provided by the Center for EFT Studies and the International Metaphysical University for advancing your skills in the application of EFT and increasing your distinction through higher levels of credentialing.

  • Inclusion on our advanced AEFTP Practitioner Directory containing detailed search options of your unique services and areas of expertise, allowing more ideal clients & employers to easily connect with you.

  • Professional recognition of your training, credibility, and proven level of expertise backed by the Association.

  • Use of the AEFTP logo, seal, and credentialing letters for instant credibility and the branding of your established level of EFT proficiency.

  • Confidence in knowing that you are in exclusive company with fellow EFT practitioners who have earned the same level of professional recognition.

  • Ability to interact, connect, and collaborate with other experienced Association Members from all over the world, sharing useful ideas and beneficial business building tips.

  • Access to the publically displayed EFT Success Stories Forum to boost your confidence and recognition as a renowned EFT Practitioner.

  • Receive business exposure and automatic referrals from interested clients visiting the AEFTP website and Practitioner Directory.
Duration: 365 days
Price: $99.00

AEFTP is your solution to building a successful EFT business!

  Access affordable, online, academic-quality EFT Certification Training and Continuing Education Courses

√  Attain instant credibility through your affiliation with a Professional EFT Association known for its distinguished standards of excellence

√  Attract more of the perfect clients through our advanced Practitioner Directory and exclusive marketing opportunities

√  Connect with other experienced EFT Practitioners for business building tips

√  Boost your own recognition as a successful practitioner by publicly sharing your own EFT Success Stories


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